Load data from your .xlsx file into an Explorer DataFrame.

You know these times, when you are not sure you are doing the right thing. They're oftentimes for me. But today the feeling is exacerbated.

From today on, you can add a dependency and load a .xlsx file into one of these shiny new Exlixir's Explorer.DataFrame. Just like you could do with Pandas or PyPolars.

I've spent countless hours and some late nights debugging .xlsx files that some use sent me to process, and was meant to go into a production environment. Even last week, I lost an uphill battle, where we were asked to make .xlsx reports available into the clients datalake. And by reports I mean not tables encoded into .xlsx, I mean full blown reports, with changing formatting and generated daily.

And as of today, I've made that can of worms easily openable to Elixir's Explorer users.

But I also get lots of .xlsx files containing database summary information, and I would like to process them with throwaway scripts from Elixir.

.xlsx files should be discouraged from any automated system. But I am not the someone to prevent anyone from going crazy due to current day businesses' .xlsx addiction.

Thread lightly explorers. Here be dragons.