A fennel wrapper for az cli.

It's not like I was lisping, but my body had developed a severe parens deficiency.

And we all know that happens when you are done with your failed wannabe independent hacker stint, and are thrown back into corporate Java. In the Unit Testing taskforce. With the sole mission of moving that coverage metric up. No matter how useless the tests you are writing are.

And then I had to do some Azure set up. At that point I felt that the lack of interactivity was a serious productivity killer. You could either work at their cli, wich was kinda tedious. Or at their web interface, wich was soul crushing.

So I wrote myself an Azufre, the Fennel wrapper for az command line utility.

While you are wrapped in azufre, you'll be:

I also put good use of my unit testing experince, and tested about 100% of the one workhorse function in that project. With a lot more solid testing than that I was doing earlier in the day.

After that, setting up and tearing down Azure resources became a joy. Check it out if you enjoy lisping and have to work with Azure.